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Apartment renters, homeowners, and office pros all love the sound that quiet makes. Wait, does quiet have a sound? Regardless, we all want to get our workout on without disturbing the sensitive ears of others around us. Whether you have neighbors who complain about the sound of a pin drop or officemates who don’t want to know you exist while they work, investing in a stealth treadmill is a solid investment for distraction-free cardio. You are now entering my complete guide to choosing the quietest treadmills.

In this guide, I share:

  • Top 5 Quietest Treadmills
  • Quiet Treadmill Reviews
  • Assorted treadmill tips sprinkled throughout the guide like rainbow jimmies

Product Description
#1) LifeSpan Fitness TR3000i Touch Folding Treadmill

  • #1 Quietest Folding Treadmill for Apartments
  • EZfold technology w/ hydraulic shock to assist folding/unfolding
  • Full-Color Console w/ Touchscreen and 38 Pre-Programmed Workouts
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Lifetime Warranty on Frame & Motor
  • Folded Dimensions: 42″ L x 33″ W x 60″ H
  • Running Belt Dimensions: 20″ W x 56″ L
  • Speed Range: .5 – 12 mph
  • Max User Weight: 350 lbs
#2) NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill Series (1750, 2450, 2950)

  • #1 Quiet Treadmill for Home Use
  • Up to a 22″ HD Smart Touchscreen w/ 1-Year iFit Membership Included
  • Self-Cooling Quiet 4.25 CHP DurX Commercial Plus Motor
  • Automatic Incline Matching Techology (3 – 15% Grade)
  • Folding Frame w/ EasyLift Assist for quick, easy storage
  • Folded Dimensions: 73.75″ H x 39.25″ W x 37.25″ D
  • Running Belt Dimensions: 22″ W x 60″ L
  • Speed Range: 1 – 12 mph (.1 increments)
  • Max User Weight: 300 lbs
#3) iMovR ThermoTread GT

  • #1 Quietest Under-Desk Treadmill
  • The real quietest treadmill on the market
  • 6 Compression Shock Absorbers
  • 3 Horsepower 4000 RPM DC motor built specifically for office use
  • Walking Belt Dimensions: 20″ W x 50″ L
  • Speed Range: .5 – 2.5 mph
  • Max User Weight: 400 lbs
  • Dimensions: 67.5″ L x 28.35″ W x 9.5″ H
  • Learn More: iMovR ThermoTread GT Review
#4) Goplus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill

  • Built for Standing and Under-Desk Use
  • Quiet 2.25 HP Motor w/ Shock Reduction for a budget price
  • Durable 7-Layer Running Belt w/ Shock Absorption
  • Running Belt Dimensions: 16″ W x 40″ L
  • Speed Range: .6 – 7.45 mph
  • Max User Weight: 265 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 52” L x 27” W x 5” H
  • Learn More: Goplus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill Review
#5) Sole F63 Treadmill

  • Latest Upgrades: Tablet Holder, Integrated USB Port, Bluetooth Speakers
  • Incline Adjustments up to 15º
  • Quiet 3.0 HP Continuous Duty Motor
  • 6 Preset Cardio and Fat-Burning Programs
  • Running Belt Dimensions: 20″ W x 60″ L
  • Speed Range: 1 – 12 mph (.1 mph increments)
  • Max User Weight: 325 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 47” L x 35” W x 72” H

Quietest Treadmill Reviews

When choosing the most quiet treadmill for your space, it’s important to factor in your goals and fitness routine. Do you want a reliable treadmill you can use every day that’ll stand the test of time? Do you want a quiet treadmill for light office use that won’t disturb your coworkers? Is limited space an issue? I made sure to include treadmills in my Top 5 that are the answers to all of these questions. Whether you’re searching for the quietest treadmill for your apartment, home, or office, there are options here for you.

In the first section, I shared the specs and highlights of each model with you. In this section, I share my in-depth reviews of the NordicTrack, LifeSpan, and Sole treadmills, plus the pros and cons according to current info. If you’re interested to know more about the iMovR and Goplus 2-in-1 treadmills now, I recommend scrolling back up and using the links following the “Further Reading” text to read my previous reviews. Let’s start with LifeSpan.

#1) LifeSpan Fitness TR3000i

LifeSpan is a leader in the office treadmill department and manufactures a wide range of the quietest treadmills on the market from folding to under-desk treadmills. The TR3000i is a premium folding treadmill that’s built for home, apartment, and office use. Unlike LifeSpan under-desk models, the TR3000i offers an integrated computer console at chest level, handlebars, electric incline adjustability, and a space-saving folding frame.

The 2.75 HP continuous-duty motor is built to last and run for marathon periods without sacrificing quality. The real magic as far as quietness goes lies in the 8 compression shock absorbers. The shock absorbers not only provide a quieter workout but also make running on the treadmill easier on your joints. If you live on the 2nd floor or higher, the shock absorbers help to mitigate the transference of sound from your apartment to the neighbors living below you.

The EZfold technology gives you the assistance you need to easily fold/unfold the treadmill. If you’re low on space, the TR3000i has a fairly small footprint compared to other full-size folding treadmills, although if you’re really low on space, the GoPlus 2-in-1 might be a better option for you since it easily slides below a bed or high couch.

Additional features that set the TR3000i apart from its competitors are:

  • Limitless Programming w/ 21 Preset Workout Programs
  • Intelli-Step for accurate fitness step counting to help you reach your daily calorie goals
  • Intelli-Guard, a safety function that automatically stops the treadmill 20 seconds after you step away from it
  • LifeSpan Active Trac app for tracking fitness stats on your iOS or Android device (Google Fit and Apple Health compatible)
  • Integrated 3-Speed Cooling Fan
  • .5 mph minimum speed makes it a top walking treadmill
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame & motor, 5-year warranty on parts, 1-year warranty on labor
  • Seriously quiet and smooth operation
  • Suitable for users over 250 lbs to use comfortably
  • The EZfold technology delivers on its promise
  • Extremely sturdy construction that stands the test of time
  • Reports that it can’t be heard in the next room with the doors closed
  • You may have never heard a treadmill this quiet before
  • At low speeds, it’s a whisper-quiet treadmill
  • A top treadmill for the money
  • It doesn’t disturb neighbors in an apartment building
  • The noise level does increase at higher running speeds
  • Repairs can be time-consuming
  • Enough reports about malfunctioning parts to warrant some concern (though most negative reports are not recent)

The video below is an example of what to expect from a LifeSpan treadmill:

#2) NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill

NordicTrack’s line of commercial treadmills for home use is its best-rated line of treadmills and the quietest of the bunch. There are three models in the series: 1750, 2450, and 2950. The main differences between the models are price, touchscreen size, motor HP, footprint size, and the number of onboard workout programs. As you move up from 1750 to 2950, the features increase in size or capacity. For example, the 1750 model sports a 10″ HD touchscreen, while the 2950 model features a 22″ HD touchscreen.

Overall, the NordicTrack Commercial Series is for people who are serious about fitness and want a premium treadmill with all the necessary features for fitness stat tracking and an elite workout experience for a fair price. The 1-year iFit subscription included with the Commercial Series offers top-notch on-demand training programs with real trainers. One feature I really like a lot is the automatic incline matching technology that adjusts according to the on-demand programs without having to touch a button. There’s really no limit to what you can do with over 16,000 personalized workouts and Bluetooth connectivity.

Features that make these models the quietest treadmills are Runners Flex™ technology for impact absorption, a self-cooling motor with vibration reduction tech, and precision balanced non-flex rollers.

  • Very quiet operation, even at running speeds
  • The interactive HD touchscreen is pure awesomeness
  • You’ll almost undoubtedly love the wide running path
  • Incredibly sturdy frame, no rattling or wobbling with these
  • Quiet-running motor & cooling fan
  • Approved for quiet home office use
  • The quality for the price is second to none
  • You might like it more than treadmills you’ve used at high-end gyms
  • Will not wake up anyone in the middle of the night for all you late-night runners out there
  • Super smooth & quiet belt movement
  • The lack of pre-programmed workouts in the 1750 model is somewhat frustrating
  • It’s a heavy piece of equipment and takes up more room than the other models in my Top 5
  • Several complaints about NordicTrack customer service
  • A handful of quality control issues (skip the white glove installation service to avoid voiding the warranty)
  • I recommend reading the NordicTrack warranty details before buying (don’t worry, it’s only 1 page)

#3) Sole Fitness F63

If you’re searching for a mid-range quiet treadmill, the Sole F63 gives you the most bang for your buck. This is a premium piece of machinery sold by a top treadmill manufacturer minus the premium price tag. The F63 is better for home and apartment use than the Goplus 2-in-1 and iMovR models that are better suited for office use. With its 15 incline levels and speeds up to 12 mph, the F63 is built for walkers to advanced runners.

The latest Sole F63 offers some intriguing upgrades including a tablet holder to watch your own fitness programs or TV shows, integrated Bluetooth speakers to push your own music through, and a USB port to charge your devices while using the treadmill.

I want to point out that if you’re not a fan of iFit, the F63 costs considerably less than a NordicTrack Commercial Series treadmill. In my opinion, NordicTrack adds a good chunk of change to the price for the iFit membership, and while it is awesome, not everyone wants it. A lot of new NordicTrack owners become perturbed when they realize they have to hold the iFit Bluetooth button to bypass iFit altogether (and NordicTrack doesn’t explain this, so it’s basically a secret). With the F63, you use the sturdy tablet holder to watch whatever your heart desires. Of course, the tablet’s not included.

The final features I want to highlight that make the F63 one of the quietest treadmills on the market are the Cushion Flex Whisper Deck for impact absorption, Flywheels for a vibration-free running surface, and smooth mid-workout adjustments.

  • The integrated fan is a nice touch
  • Quiet operation that doesn’t disturb others
  • Extremely sturdy construction that’ll stand the test of time
  • Almost impossible to find quality like this in this price range
  • Amazingly smooth operation
  • Easy on the joints
  • Assembly is easy for the most part
  • Speed & incline adjustments are smooth and excellent
  • There are several quick-adjustment buttons throughout the treadmill console and handrails
  • It folds up easily, even for smaller people
  • The Bluetooth connectivity is reliable and comes in handy
  • A longer running belt
  • Users under 5’3″ may find that the fan doesn’t adjust low enough
  • The built-in speakers might leave something to be desired
  • The handrails might feel short to you

Watch the Sole F63 in action below:

How to Choose the Quietest Treadmill

I put together a list of considerations below to ponder before you choose a treadmill for your space.

Quietest Under-Desk Treadmill Considerations

Under-Desk Treadmills such as the iMovR are made for quiet operation. These are the quietest treadmills on the market. The drawback is they’re made for low speeds and long, continuous use. This means the max speed in this type of treadmill is 4 mph max. Most of the premium models go up to 2.5 mph. The point is to consider whether you want a walking treadmill or running treadmill before buying a quiet under-desk walking treadmill like the iMovR.

Premium Self-Cooling Motors

Quiet self-cooling motors with noise-reduction tech are always going to cost more. Cheap electric treadmills are typically a lot louder because manufacturers will stretch the load on the motor to achieve higher running speeds. Investing in a NordicTrack or Sole treadmill is a good idea because it’s not only quiet, but it’ll stand the test of time. Don’t make the mistake of buying an off-brand treadmill that doesn’t come with a long warranty to save a few bucks. Buying a treadmill is similar to buying a laptop, you get what you pay for.

Shock Absorption & Vibration Reduction

Shock absorption and vibration reduction are two key factors in choosing a quiet treadmill. Motor noise is only part of the equation. The impact of your feet contacting the belt makes more noise than the motor. That’s why shock absorption is of the utmost importance to reduce the dB level. A truly whisper-quiet treadmill will always have compression shock absorbers and vibration reduction technology. Outside of the budget Goplus 2-in-1 treadmill in my Top 5, the treadmills all feature premium shock absorption. Lastly, shock absorption becomes even more important if you live on a higher floor.


Sturdy treadmills weigh the most. There’s no getting around it. The advantage here is that the heavy frame anchors the treadmill to the ground. This means no wobbling, rattling, or shaking frames. Cheaper treadmills that weigh less are a lot more prone to wobbling, which creates more noise and rattling that’ll undoubtedly upset neighbors who appreciate peace and quiet. Furthermore, if you like to work out while your loved ones are asleep, it’s essential to purchase a heavier treadmill that won’t rattle.

Bottom Line

These are the top 5 quietest treadmills on the market. Of all the treadmills in my top 5, the iMovR is the quietest, but it does come with its limitations such as max mph for runners. Be sure to consider your fitness goals, your space, and your budget before you buy a quiet treadmill for your apartment, office, or home.

Always, always, always, remember to measure first and buy second. Be sure to measure the room, space you plan to use the treadmill, and space you plan to store it to compare against the dimensions of the treadmill. Secondly, be sure to compare your dimensions to both the open and folded sizes of the treadmill. By following these steps, you’ll know for sure which size treadmill is the best for your space. Now go have a blast, just be quiet while doing it!

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