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Are you ready for the complete home gym experience? Over the past couple of years, people around the world have learned that gyms don’t always stay open. Because of this, a lot of us have begun fending for ourselves. And one surefire way to eliminate the need for a gym is to invest in the best functional trainer with smith machine.

A machine of this caliber leaves nothing to be desired outside of a set of adjustable dumbbells. For starters, what is a functional trainer? Essentially, a functional trainer is an all-in-one home gym. It fits a wide variety of workouts into a compact package. Having said that, a good functional trainer is more than just a home gym.

It allows you to work your entire body rather than offering just a small handful of common exercises. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the best functional trainers with smith machines. Additionally, you’ll learn what to look for when choosing one.

Let’s start by unveiling the trainers along with the key specs to consider for each.

Top 5 Functional Trainer Smith Machine Combos

Product Description
#1) MiM USA Hercules 1001 or Hecules EX
  • Material: Reinforced Steel
  • Included Plates: No
  • Max Weight Capacity: 800 lbs
  • Dimensions: 67″ x 87″ x 91″ (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 750 lbs (Shipping Weight)
  • Warranty: Lifetime Frame
#2) Commercial Home Gym – Smith Machine, Cables Deluxe
  • Material: Steel
  • Included Plates: 176 lb Stack, 330 lbs of Plates
  • Max Weight Capacity: 990 lbs Rack, 770 lbs Bar
  • Dimensions: 79″ x 49″ x 90″ (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 813.5 lbs (Machine), 125 lbs (Bench)
  • Warranty: 6-Month Parts
#3) Altas Strength AL-3058 Light-Commercial Strength Equipment Smith Machine
  • Material: Powder-Coated Heavy-Duty Steel
  • Included Plates: 397 lbs (Weight Stack) No Plates
  • Max Weight Capacity: 2000 lbs (Smith), 1000 lbs (Bar)
  • Dimensions: 79″ x 68″ x 88″ (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 595.25 lbs
  • Warranty: N/A
#4) Marcy MD-9010G Diamond Elite Smith System With Linear Bearings
  • Material: Powder-Coated All-Steel Construction
  • Included Plates: No
  • Max Weight Capacity: 300 lbs (Bar), 600 lbs (Bench)
  • Dimensions: 70″ x 79″ x 85″ (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 430 lbs
  • Warranty: 2-Year Frame
#5) Marcy SM-4008 Combo Smith Machine
  • Material: 14-Gauge Steel
  • Included Plates: No
  • Max Weight Capacity: 300 lbs (Bar), 600 lbs (Bench)
  • Dimensions: 65″ x 79.25″ x 84.5″ (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 288 lbs
  • Warranty: 2-Year

How to Choose a Functional Trainer Smith Machine Combo

Below, I put together a list of factors to consider when choosing your machine:

  • Functionality – Firstly, the most important factor to consider is functionality. High-end functional trainers offer the most workouts. For example, you’ll find that the top machines in this guide allow for just about every workout imaginable. This includes both smith machine workouts and barbell exercises. Also, leg press and a collection of pulley exercises are on the table. The key takeaway is to choose a machine that offers all of the workouts you desire.
  • Size (Dimensions & Footprint) – Typically, the more workouts a functional trainer offers the larger it will be. For this reason, always compare the dimensions of the space you plan to put it to the size of the machine. Plus, you’ll want to ensure that there’s enough clearance around the machine to train comfortably.
  • Weight Capacity – Weight capacity is an important factor to consider based on your skill level. Advanced lifters will want to ensure that they’re able to push themselves using the machine. For beginner and intermediate lifters, lower weight capacities are okay. Also, the machine will have multiple weight capacities depending on the part of the machine being used.
  • Weight Plates – Does the machine include weights? Since functional trainers with smith machines aren’t cheap, you want to check whether the machine includes weight plates and stacks. If you prefer to avoid purchasing weights separately, then opt for a machine that includes them.
  • Warranty – Finally, warranty information is important to review since you’re making a large investment. Generally, if you need replacement parts or parts get damaged, you want assurance that you’ll be able to repair the machine.

All in all, those are the most important factors to consider.

Reviews: Best Functional Trainer With Smith Machine

Below, I share reviews of each trainer from the table above.

#1) MiM USA Hercules 1001 Commercial Smith Machine & Functional Trainer

Let’s start with the most action-packed functional trainer smith machine combo of them all, the Hercules 1001. In total, there are hundreds of different workouts that can be performed on this machine. As a result, you’re able to target muscles throughout your entire body. For starters, you’re able to complete every conceivable smith machine workout.

Then, you’re able to switch to barbell workouts without missing a beat. Beyond that, this is one of the few functional trainers with a leg press. Once you’re ready to isolate muscle groups, simply switch to using the dual-pulley system to take your workout to its absolute peak.

Lastly, it’s important to know that this is a commercial piece of gym equipment that’s also suitable for home use. Because of this, this machine is built to take years and years of abuse without failing. The only real drawback is that it doesn’t include weight plates. However, it does include multiple bars and Olympic plate storage.


  • Commercial-quality, built to last a lifetime
  • Leg press station
  • 100s of possible workouts to target the entire body
  • Clear assembly instructions and good packaging
  • Lifetime frame warranty and responsive seller


  • Does not include weight plates
  • Highest upfront cost at the time of this writing

#2) Commercial Home Gym – Smith Machine, Cables Deluxe

Now if you were let down by the trainer above not including weight plates, this model by Commercial Home Gym is for you. Instead of skipping the plates, this machine comes with a 176 lb weight stack (split into two stacks) for the dual-pulley system and 330 lbs of rubber-coated Olympic plates. Considering how much plates cost these days, it’s nice to see that this machine offers this much weight in the base package.

Next, as the name implies, this is a commercial-grade piece of gym equipment. In other words, it’s built to take a beating like the MiM USA trainer above. Also, the weight stacks deliver a true gym feel from the lat pulldown station. Comparatively, the only big missing ingredient here compared to the MiM USA model is a chest press station.

A couple of final highlights are the heavy-duty spotter arms at the front of the machine for free-weight lifts, dip attachments, and the massive 990 lb weight capacity. Even advanced lifters will find that this machine handles more than enough weight.


  • Includes high-quality rubber-coated weight plates
  • Commercial-grade materials
  • Professional 1-to-1 ratio pulley system
  • High customer service marks
  • Includes a weight bench


  • Assembly instructions could be clearer
  • Shorter warranty terms
  • No chest press station arms

#3) Altas Strength AL-3058 Light-Commercial Strength Equipment Smith Machine

Your third option is this functional trainer with a smith machine by Atlas Strength. Comparatively, this machine lands somewhere between the first two models above. Firstly, it does include 397 lbs between the two weight stacks for the pulley system, yet it does not include Olympic plates.

Next, as you’ve probably already noticed, the design is very similar to the Commercial Home Gym model above. With that being said, both companies more than likely source their equipment from the same supplier in China. One key difference between the two sellers is that Atlas Strength does not clearly state its warranty terms.

However, there is a return policy if done within 7 days, and any damages must be reported to Atlas Fitness within 48 hours of receiving the machine. Because of this, be sure to open it and do an inventory of the parts upon receiving the unit. Overall, Commercial Home Gym appears to be more responsive, yet you may prefer to go with Atlas Strength depending on your preferences.


  • Atlas Strength provides more weight for the stacks
  • Essentially the same functionality as the Commercial Home Gym model
  • Multi-position pull-up bar
  • Massive weight capacity


  • Assembly requires patience
  • Unclear warranty terms
  • No weight plates included
  • No bench included

#4) Marcy MD-9010G Diamond Elite Smith System With Linear Bearings

Now let’s take a big jump down the price ladder to a machine primarily made for residential use. Unlike the first three functional trainers, this model is more basic in nature, yet considering its cost, it delivers great value for the money. For starters, this unit comes with everything you see in the pictures, minus the weight plates.

First, you’ll see that the included bench allows for preacher curls and a full set of leg workouts. As you move to the machine, you’ll see that it allows for smith machine workouts and free weight exercises. The only drawback is that the holes at the front of the machine are spaced far apart if you plan to do a lot of barbell lifts.

In addition to those highlights, this machine features a dual-pulley system for crossover exercises and a pec deck at the back. Finally, there’s a lower pulley attachment with a foot plate that allows for rows and other pulling exercises. Overall, this is one of the better functional trainers for home use currently available that won’t break the bank.


  • A lot more affordable than a commercial functional trainer
  • Includes a lower pulley and dual-pulley system
  • Weight bench included w/ preacher curl pad and leg station
  • Allows for smith machine and free weight workouts
  • Includes all the necessary cable attachments


  • The pulley system could be smoother out of the box (may need lube)
  • Lower weight capacity
  • No wheels on the bench

#5) Marcy SM-4008 Combo Smith Machine

Last up is my top budget functional trainer pick. With that in mind, don’t expect the same bells & whistles as the machines above offer. However, do expect good value for the money. For a fraction of the cost of a commercial functional trainer, you’re getting a good all-in-one home gym for beginners and intermediate lifters.

With a 300 lb weight capacity, most people will find that this trainer offers enough capacity for the average home workout. Firstly, this machine offers mostly the same workouts as model MD-9010G, including a pec deck, smith machine, free weight spotter arms, and a leg station.

A couple of key differences to be aware of are that this model does feature a pull-up bar, yet it does not feature the preacher curl attachment on the bench. Also, the smith machine bar catches also function as the height adjustments for the J-hooks and spotter arms on model SM-4008. Because of this, you’ll want to monitor how comfortable you feel using free weights when approaching the max weight capacity.


  • Features most of the same workouts as model MD-9010G
  • The most affordable model in this guide at the time of this writing
  • Features a pull-up bar
  • A good choice for beginners


  • May not survive the rigors of heavy use
  • Not made for heavy lifts
  • Does not include plates

Bottom Line

Generally, when choosing the best functional trainer with smith machine, you get what you pay for. Depending on how much you plan to use the machine, it’s best to look at it as a one-time investment. Because of this, I chose the MiM USA model as my top pick. It’s packed with every imaginable workout, comes backed by a lifetime warranty, and it’s made of commercial-grade materials that won’t fail you.

Additionally, commercial-grade equipment is made for everyday use. One of the drawbacks of residential workout equipment is that it sometimes doesn’t stand the test of time. For this reason, it goes back to considering how much you plan to use the machine. If you’re an experienced lifter, then stick with a commercial-grade functional trainer.

If you’re a novice lifter who lifts several times a week, then don’t go overboard with a machine that offers more than you need. Yet, if you’re a novice lifter who’s serious about progressing to the next level, then it’d be wise to invest in a solid piece of home gym equipment. The bottom line is to match your needs and expectations to the right machine for the best results.

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