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To get big, you’ve got to lift big. There’s no way around it. Therefore, weight training is a must for everyone who wants to build serious muscle mass. In the case of dumbbells, more weight equals more growth. And while 50 lb dumbbells are great and all, they’re not enough to build real mass. For serious mass gains, the best adjustable dumbbells 90 lbs edition is an essential piece in any home gym.

The extra resistance 90 lbs bring to the table will help you to push your muscles further. Just imagine if you purchased 50 lb adjustable dumbbells only to realize you need more weight once you reach 50 on your presses. When this happens, you’ll need to open your wallet back up to dump 100s more into your weight training equipment.

The solution is to get it right the first time by loading up on enough resistance. The best 90 lb adjustable dumbbells still allow you to slowly work your way up. Plus, 90 lbs is enough to complement your barbell workouts in all cases, while a 50 lb set is likely to come up short.

With that being said, let’s focus on the purpose of this article. Below, I share and review the top adjustable dumbbells that give you 90 lbs of resistance without having to purchase each dumbbell separately. Clearly, the advantage is that you get a ton of weight without taking up a ton of space. Because of this, adjustable dumbbells are great for home gyms and as office workout equipment.

How to Choose 90 lb Adjustable Dumbbells

First, let’s quickly go over the factors to consider when choosing a set of 90 lb adjustable dumbbells.

  • Size – Since 90 lb adjustable dumbbells reach higher weights than 50 lb sets, it’s important to consider that they will be larger. Consequently, you must consider the learning curve to get used to using them. At first, they may feel cumbersome and awkward until you get into a rhythm of using them.
  • Brand Trustworthiness – Options are more limited in this range, which opens the door to lesser-known brands. When choosing 90 lb adjustable dumbbells, stick to the brands included in this guide because I already did the research for you.
  • Type – There are several types of adjustable dumbbells, with some being easier to use than others. For instance, there are models that require you to screw on locking collars while others simply click into place. Depending on your preferences, there are pros & cons to both types that we’ll go over below.
  • Expandability – Do you want to be able to push your dumbbells even further to 100 lbs or more? When choosing a set, always check to see the max weight capacity and whether the set has the option to expand to higher weights.

Overall, those are the most important factors to consider. Now, it’s time to check out the weights.

Reviews: Best Adjustable Dumbbells 90 Lbs

Below, I share individual reviews of each set of dumbbells along with helpful tips to help you land on the right set.

#1) PowerBlock USA Elite Series

Of all the adjustable dumbbells on the market, PoweBlock is the best for serious weightlifters. At first glance, you might be wondering what it is that you’re looking at? Comparatively, PowerBlock dumbbells look a lot different than other models on the market, almost like something from NASA. For this reason, they will take some getting used to.

However, once you begin using them, you’ll realize how great of an investment you made. For starters, the clever PowerBlock design makes the Elite model the most well-balanced adjustable dumbbell. This means you’ll feel more comfortable when doing heavy presses and pulls. Next, PowerBlock has been in business since 1991, and the company manufactures its dumbbells using premium materials in the US.

As a result, PowerBlock dumbbells are built to last and take a beating. Yes, this is a one-time investment that you can count on, which is somewhat of a rarity. Beyond balance, the PowerBlock system makes increment adjustments easy, and you’ll find that you can easily switch in 2.5 lb increments to reach and burst through new plateaus.

The only real drawback to choosing PowerBlock is that to get to 90 lbs, there’s the need to purchase expansion kits. The first kit brings you up to 70 lbs, while the second kit gets you to 90 lbs.


  • Well-balanced design for a more comfortable experience
  • Small 2.5 lb increments
  • Made in the USA
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Not as long as other options
  • Quick and easy adjustments, especially in 10 lb increments


  • The need to purchase two expansion kits to reach 90 lbs
  • Plastic pins
  • No 2.5 lb increment between 10 and 15, 20 and 25, 30 and 35, and so on

#2) Bowflex SelectTech 1090

Alright, now for another leader in the adjustable dumbbell space, Bowflex. Firstly, the greatest advantage of the Bowflex SelectTech is how easy it is to switch between weights. Hence, why a lot of beginners and experienced lifters gravitate toward them. Secondly, it’s important to consider that model 1090 adjusts in 5 lb increments only.

In total, you’re able to switch from 10 to 90 lbs in 5 lb increments. For most people, this is sufficient since 2.5 lb increments can be too small in some cases. Yet, if your mission is to lift heavier and break through plateaus, those 2.5 lb increments do come in handy. To switch between weights, you simply turn the dial and match the number to the weight you prefer.

Once locked in, lift the dumbbells from the included storage trays to get your lift on. One final perk to choosing SelectTech is the optional dumbbell stand. While this does add an extra cost to the equation, the stand makes using the weights a whole lot easier to avoid having to bend over.


  • Quick and easy adjustments using the dial
  • Storage trays included
  • 3-year warranty
  • The thick black coating prevents rust issues
  • Durable construction
  • Optional stand to save your back


  • They may feel long and cumbersome, especially at first
  • No 2.5 lb increments
  • The handle may feel uncomfortable on bare hands at higher weights

#3) PowerBlock Pro Series

Without closely inspecting the Elite and Pro series, you most likely won’t notice any major changes. However, there are some important differences to be aware of when choosing between the two models. To make it easier to digest, I compiled a list of key differences between them below.

PowerBlock Pro vs Elite

  1. The first difference is the handle design. The Elite Series features a closed design while the Pro Series is more open. For people with larger hands and forearms, the Pro Series is the better choice.
  2. Second, the Pro Series grip is slightly larger in diameter, which also makes it a better choice for people with large hands.
  3. The third is the locking mechanism. The Pro Series features a convenient auto-lock for 2.5 lb weight adjustments, and the Elite Series uses a manual lock.
  4. Fourth, the Elite Series is made in the USA, while the Pro Series is made in China.
  5. Fifth, the Elite model is urethane-coated steel, and the Elite Series is powder-coated steel. You’ll most likely notice that the urethane equals quieter performance, better resistance to chipping that may lead to rust, and a more forgiving dumbbell.
  6. Sixth, the overall dimensions of the Pro Series are larger.

When choosing between the PowerBlock Pro and Elite series, it’s important to match your build to the correct set. Additionally, you’ll want to determine how much you value the classic Powerblock design of the Elite Series and the fact that they’re made in the USA.


  • You may prefer the urethane coating for quieter performance
  • The convenient auto-lock mechanism for 2.5 lb increments
  • Bigger openings for people with large wrists and hands
  • A slightly thicker grip than the Elite Series
  • Unlikely to chip and rust
  • Color-coded side rails and handles


  • Made in China
  • Larger in size than the Elite Series
  • Clearance above the knuckles can be an issue for some

#4) Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

Now, if you prefer to go a little more old-school, the Yes4All adjustable dumbbells allow for complete adjustability between different weights. Comparatively, all adjustments must be done manually rather than relying on quick-adjustment mechanisms. With that being said, you’ll never have to worry about a quick-adjustment mechanism breaking with this set. And as we all know, if something breaks on one of the sets above, you could be looking at 100s of bucks down the drain.

The key to using the Yes4All dumbbells is the star-lock collars that simply screw onto each end of the dumbbells once you add your weight. In reality, changing weights shouldn’t take all that long since you release the collar and add your desired weight. So instead of weight changes only taking a few seconds, they may take a few minutes.

Depending on how you work out, this may or may not be a dealbreaker. For example, if you often do drop sets, then the convenience of a quick-adjustment mechanism is a must-have feature for you. If you don’t mind making manual adjustments between sets and exercises, then a manual set of adjustable dumbbells like this one by Yes4All offers greater flexibility. Because with this set, you’re able to go beyond 90 lbs to 100 lbs or more.


  • No need to worry about any parts breaking
  • Go beyond 90 lbs to 100 lbs or more for serious gains
  • The rubber gasket on the star-lock prevents shifting and metal-on-metal contact
  • Optional kettlebell and barbell attachments
  • Powder-coated to prevent rust
  • Knurled handles for a sure grip


  • Adjustments are more time consuming
  • You may notice discrepancies between weights
  • The design makes it difficult to rest heavy weight on your thighs when loading up for a set

#5) HolaHatha Adjustable Dumbbells

Your final option is to go with a knockoff competitor of Bowflex. The advantage is that you’ll save yourself some bucks, though, the disadvantage is that you’re more likely to run into quality control issues. And with the way weights are priced these days, saving a couple of hundred bucks compared to going with a name brand might not be worth it.

Having said that, you may still find value here and if you win the dice roll, those saved bucks can go toward buying additional equipment. Currently, there are several brands of adjustable dumbbells that are similar to the Bowflex 1090. Of those available models, I trust what HolaHatha has going on the most.

Additional choices include Gorilla Gadgets, Evionsits, and DatingDay. Just keep in mind that every company is offering essentially the same thing. So, it really comes down to how well they have their quality control down since they’re more than likely using the same supplier or a small group of suppliers. Also, that means that these are made in China like most other weightlifting equipment on the market.


  • Currently, the HolaHatha set is a lot more affordable than Bowflex SelectTech 1090
  • The ability to replace a massive set of dumbbells that would cost a lot more
  • Surprisingly smooth experience when switching between weights
  • Includes the trays
  • No rattling during use


  • The knurling may feel too aggressive (similar to SelectTech)
  • More likely to experience quality control issues such as faint numbers or inaccurate weight
  • Warranty service won’t match Bowflex

Bottom Line

For the average person, 50 lb dumbbells get the job done. For those who are serious about strength training and hitting their genetic limits, it’s necessary to push well beyond 50 lbs. As a result, the best adjustable dumbbells up to 90 lbs are a must-have piece of home gym equipment.

There’s no reason to load up your gym with a massive set of dumbbells when you have the option to add PowerBlock dumbbells or Bowflex SelectTech to your home gym. You’ll not only save space, but you’ll be able to knock out drop sets like a champ while moving up the ladder.

The 2.5 lb increments offered by PowerBlock dumbbells give you the opportunity to break through plateaus more easily. On the flip side, 5 lb increments may feel too big to overcome as you reach your upper limits. For this reason, always match your fitness goals to your equipment before you purchase.